Ask the Coach: I’m having a hard time fitting my resume onto one page – is that still a requirement?

February 16th, 2018

The short answer is no, however, it does depend on your particular situation. If you are early in your career (out of college, or one or two jobs in) it probably makes sense to have a one-page resume. Each of your jobs should have 3-5 bullets a piece of accomplishments and results. As you progress in your career and potentially change jobs and/or companies, it will become more difficult to keep your resume to one page. At this point, it’s appropriate to have a two or maybe even a three-page resume.

Understand, however, that the longer your resume, the more important it is for you to tell the story of your career throughout your resume, helping the reader understand why you took a particular role, switched companies or shifted responsibilities. It also contributes to keeping the reader interested in reading the entire document.

As a general rule, a one-page resume works well for someone out of school early in their career; a two page for someone in the workforce for a while and a three page for someone very experienced or with an extensive career.

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