Ask the Coach: How do I successfully transition from sales person to sales manager?

March 9th, 2018

Many top performing sales people are promoted to sales manager and are asked to lead their team to achieve similar success. Despite the promotion, many new sales managers are required to continue directly producing results and receive minimal leadership coaching.

The first step in successfully transitioning into a sales management position is to seek clarity about your role/responsibilities and agree on expectations.

A primary responsibility will be the formal coaching and guidance of your new team and therefore you will have less time to directly produce results. Senior management will need to recognize that the sum of a consistently high performing sales team is far better than the results of one top performer. This can only be achieved if additional support is enlisted to manage your portfolio or some customers are prudently transitioned to other portfolios.

Next, collaborate with your team to agree on goals, objectives, activities and support requirements. Formalize a structure/process for coaching and reviewing performance.

Finally, seek leadership training and guidance to help you further develop the skills required to be a highly effective leader.

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