Ask the Coach: How can I improve my sales meetings?

March 30th, 2018

Sales meetings are vital to team’s success, yet almost every sales person I speak to dreads the weekly sales meeting. Many understand the purpose, but very few sales people show any enthusiasm when it comes to attending these meetings. In fact, their demeanor seems to change every time they discuss or attend their team meetings. Listed below are 7 common sales team meeting mistakes you MUST avoid if you want to have success.

  1. First, if your sales meeting is not directly causing more sales then it’s not a sales meeting.
  2. Value everyone’s time by never starting late or deferring meetings.
  3. Always prepare for your meetings with specific outcomes in mind.
  4. Limit excuses for non-attendance and ensure that everyone is present in the meeting and engage everyone in conversation.
  5. Do not waste everyone’s time with individual updates.
  6. Avoid predictability and try create variety each week.
  7. Lastly, always lead with intensity and focus, your team’s motivation will be a reflection of your efforts.

Most importantly, always use this time to engage, enlighten, and energize the team, AND you can still review results and pipelines.

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