Ask the Coach: Who should I list on my references?

April 6th, 2018

Great question! Compiling the right list of references is a very important piece of the interview process because it validates one’s work.

Ideally, you want your references to consist of people who can speak to the work you’ve done.  To start, your references should include a former supervisor, a co-worker or peer, an employee you managed or worked closely with, and one or two personal friends you have known for some time.  I suggest providing three to five references, unless the company is asking for a specific number.

Start by asking the individuals permission to use them as a reference. Then confirm they are comfortable and able to speak positively on your behalf.  Provide them with company names, positions you have applied for, and the key skills for the position.  If you have examples of work or projects, provide those to your references so they can validate your abilities effectively. Lastly, ask your references to let you know if they receive a phone call regarding the position. This will help you to know where you stand in the interview process.

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