Ask the Coach: How can I become better at networking?

April 13th, 2018

Listed below are the 6 B’s for highly effective networking.

1. Be Purposeful

First of all, make sure you have a very specific purpose for networking, and be selective about which networking events to attend. You should create networking goals and select events that align to your target market.

2. Be “The Host”

How do you act when you host an event at home? You’re welcoming, you introduce people, and you encourage participation in activities. Even if you’re not actually hosting the business event you attend, it is still easy to convey these “hosting” attributes and attract great connections.

3. Bring a Guest

It’s never fun to network alone. Therefore, invite a client, a colleague, or a strategic partner to the event. The more people you know the better the conversation will be.

4. Be Prepared

Write down and rehearse your responses to common networking questions. You should create a compelling introduction. Remember to always remain positive about your business and your performance. Try to be different and memorable, offer some interesting information about your target market that will resonate with the audience. Then provide your new contacts with a brief explanation about the compelling solutions you provide.

Most importantly, bring business cards.

5. Be Interesting By Being Interested

Also, show genuine interest in the people you meet by asking them questions. You will become a far more interesting and memorable business contact.

6. Be Proactive

I am astonished at how few people actually follow-up after a networking event. Therefore, if you follow-up with your new connections through an email or phone call, you will see success. Also, try to obtain a meeting to explore further opportunities of working together.

In conclusion, with better planning and implementing the 6 B’s of Highly Effective Networking you are guaranteed to gain greater leverage from important networking events that we all value as sales people.

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