Ask the Coach: How can I overcome the negativity about being a Salesperson?

June 8th, 2018

What is the first thing you think of when I say “Salesperson”? I have asked this question at many keynote presentations and the common responses are: “pushy, sleazy, annoying, used-car-salesman”. Based on this limiting belief, if we were making a comic book movie the “Salesperson” would typically be cast as the “Evil Villain” solely focused on personal gain at the expense of the “little guy”. It’s time to start thinking of salespeople as Super Heroes, not Evil Villains. Such beliefs have a significant impact on our ability to engage customers in healthy conversations about their needs and problems. The more positive the beliefs, the easier it will be to create super sales confidence.

Believe That You’re a Super Hero 

The first step to building greater sales confidence is to truly believe that you are providing valuable solutions that help your customers. I have challenged sales people to believe that sales is not something you do to a customer, it is something you do FOR a customer. You are making an impact on people’s lives by helping them overcome difficult challenges, avoid crippling problems, and achieve their loftiest dreams.

Confident salespeople have a self-assurance about their ability to perform sales activities. 

Don’t Become An Evil Villain

Never confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogant people have an exaggerated sense of their own importance or abilities. Therefore, they ultimately aim for personal gain rather than creating value for others. The Evil Villain is transaction focused and not a relationship builder. As a salesperson, you have an obligation to present as many solutions as possible to comprehensively assist your customers. Confident salespeople are genuinely interested in consistently learning best practices to explore needs and present solutions. Arrogant salespeople believe they already know how to engage customers and are unwilling to learn new skills and behaviors.

Arrogant salespeople overlook the fact that the more they do to help others, the easier it will be to achieve their sales objectives.

Always Strive To Save The Day

The stronger your belief in genuinely helping others and learning ways to effectively deliver on this premise, the more effortless it will become to exceed your sales objectives and overcome your own personal challenges or achieve your own lofty goals. In conclusion, always strive to save the day by being a confident Super Hero rather than an arrogant Evil Villain.

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