Ask the Coach: Don’t you find the sales term “Closing Deals” to be counter intuitive?

July 6th, 2018

When I moved to Canada in 2010 and bought my first home I was told “the property transaction will close on a certain date”.

I found that expression odd as in Australia I was more familiar with “settling transactions” and “winning deals”. Why should there be a close?

Of course, I understand the term …. and in fact, I coach bankers and sales people on how to ethically use persuasive closing techniques.

But shouldn’t our primary goal in sales be to OPEN relationships rather than close transactions.

In fact, I guarantee you will ultimately close more deals when you focus on opening better quality relationships.

Open Better Relationships

Think about all the happy, long-lasting and rewarding relationships that you have in your life. They all have common attributes:

• Great rapport, trust and respect
• Genuine interest in helping each other
• Plenty of mutual benefits
• Some common interests and goals

Now you may be thinking it’s difficult to achieve this through relatively shorter exchanges with customers and prospects.

That may be true if you are ONLY focusing on the transaction opportunity.

Every transaction is an opportunity to open a broader, deeper relationship that will produce many more transactions.

What can you do before, during and after every engagement with a prospect, customer or strategic partner that demonstrates your desire to open a long-term relationship rather than just close a transaction?

All You Need Is Love

Many “sales sharks” will most likely be choking on their dollar bills right now as they preach that to gain high monetary rewards it’s more important to focus on closing as many transactions as you can in the most effective way possible.

This short-sighted view may have some good short term pay off, but it may become hazardous to your health (and your business). There are countless studies that prove the rewards from building better relationships are far greater and far more satisfying.

Whilst many Sales Leaders will tell you to “Always Be Closing” ….
I would suggest you “Always Be Loving”.

Love what you do.
Love helping others.
Love building relationships.

And I guarantee you will really LOVE the enduring benefits and rewards.

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