Ask the Coach: How can I effectively post a job on BankTalentHQ?

August 17th, 2018

BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers. This site was developed and is brought to you by an alliance of state banking associations. Posting a job is easy and takes only a few minutes. Below is a step-by-step process for posting a job on the site.

  • Develop an employer profile, if you don’t have one yet.
  • Go to the employer tab and click on post a job opening. You will then login with your user name and password that you just developed and begin the process of posting your job.
  • Once you begin filling in the open fields, start by choosing the right job title and job description.
  • Remember, a job description is an explanation of the job duties for internal and external compliance. A job post is an announcement or advertisement for a position at your organization.
  • Be specific, brief, and make it easy to read. Reflect your company’s culture and the benefits of working for your organization. The goal is to attract the best candidates, so help yourself out and do not copy and paste the job title and job description.
  • Once all the fields are filled in (requirements, education, salary) preview the job. Confirm that all the information is correct.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Choose the package that you would like to purchase.
  • Enter any promo codes!
  • Pay the balance with a credit card.
  • All finished. Congratulations.

Share the job post from BankTalentHQ on your social media sites, that will help your job gain some additional traction. Remember #talentgathershere.

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