What can I do to become a successful job seeker?

January 11th, 2019

Our coaching staff here at BankTalentHQ wants to start answering this question by saying the possibilities are endless in 2019. The job market can be a tough one, and sometimes it can be down right draining. However, there is one thing that already makes you stand out from the crowd, and it’s that you are trying! We want to give you kudos for attacking the job market and putting yourself out there in front of a world full of potential employers. Now, our job is to make this process easier on you. But how? Here are our inside tips on how to be a successful job seeker.

Get focused and get prepared

Searching jobs or changing careers can be almost like a second job, so you should treat it as one. Schedule time each day for applying for positions, reviewing your resume, and polishing up your interview questions. Pick a designated space in your home, the library, or a local coffee shop to focus on the task at hand and don’t allow yourself to become distracted. It’s critical that you hold yourself accountable throughout the process so you are always prepared for the next interview. Once you are focused and prepared, lay out a plan and stick to it! Be systematic in how you approach your plan for your job search. Being proactive instead of reactive will decrease your likelihood of making this a random effort. Keep track of what you accomplish each week and what you need to accomplish next week to make the journey successful.

Review, review, review your resume

Overdoing your resume by making it 3 pages long could mean you end up running the risk of the employers getting bored and never reaching the end. However, an inadequate resume says that you are unprepared and not fully dedicated to the process. The rule of thumb is to have a one-page resume but limit yourself to two pages at most. The goal is to give the most powerful details about yourself in as little words as possible. Give the recruiters something they don’t want to put down! It’s smart to have multiple versions of your resume to choose from so you can use one that highlights your strengths applicable to the job you are applying for. And always, always, always proofread.

Make sure your external image is positive

Be present and be present positively. Recruiters are going to research who you are when they ask you to come in to interview. If you have social media accounts that can be viewed publicly, make sure the person the employer sees is who you would want them to see. Also, make sure you aren’t missing out on any digital platforms. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you need to be! Connect with all the contacts you make through work, school, and networking. You never know who could be in the position to introduce you to your next employer! Be sure you are also posting your resume so potential employers can see them on sites like BankTalentHQ. Not only do you want your image to remain positive, but you also want to remain up to date. Continuously remain active on your public social media platforms and keep an updated professional email address for your job hunt as well.

Do not take breaks

Would you take a “break” from your day job? No! Stay busy and proactive in your search for your next career. In today’s world, employers are looking for self-starters. People they know can be trusted with tasks without being heavily managed. Revising your resume and cover letter for the 10th time might seem daunting, so focus your efforts elsewhere, but do not take a break. Take that time to go network and make new contacts or continue your interview question preparation. You could also take time to research hot topics for the industry you want to apply for or listen to podcasts with up to date information. You can find both of those things on BankTalentHQ’s website as well. If you start the job searching process, commit to it to become successful at it.

Be confident in your ability to be the right candidate for every job

If you have spent the appropriate amount of time preparing for your job searching process, your confidence should come naturally. Preparation and confidence are key to your success at the end of the day. A lack of confidence is one of the easiest things for an interviewer to pick up on while speaking with a candidate. Own the room and know that you have done everything in your power to make your interview a positive one. Don’t let yourself think about the qualifications that your resume might not match. Maybe you only have 3 years of work experience when the job qualifications asked for 5. However, you could have the best people skills and the highest level of knowledge when it comes to the job duties that will get you the job time and time again ahead of your competition. You know what you are capable of, so make it known!

Go the extra mile

There are always things to do outside of sending in an application online that will strengthen your job search success. Constantly be researching networking opportunities in your area and attend them! The more contacts you make, the broader your search can get and the more employers you are likely to meet along the way. You can also literally go the extra mile in your vehicle. It’s easy to submit your application online and then get lost in the portal that the employer receives on a daily basis. If you want to stand out, put on your professional attire and drive in a hard copy of your job application and resume to the employer’s office. You are bound to stand out by putting forth extra effort that was not initially requested of you.

Count on those around you and the resources presented to you

You are not in this process alone! Reach out to your professors, previous colleagues, career coaches, and friends and family to help you stay prepared. Don’t be afraid to ask for them to review your resume or hold a mock interview with you. Those contacts you make through your networking efforts mentioned in the point above? Reach out to them too! Having an outside perspective to what you have written, or what you say, about yourself can help you develop new ideas while they offer objective guidance. Also take advantage of the helpful resources provided to you. You can find resume writing tips, other questions that have been asked to our coaches, and so much more here at BankTalentHQ!

We want to wish you luck in your job search, and to remind you that the possibilities are endless in 2019 – especially if you follow these tips!

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