How can better staff relationships within my bank help us meet our sales goals?

September 13th, 2019

Customers have a wide range of financial needs/problems that most banks can comprehensively help/solve. The challenge however is that no one person at the bank can satisfactorily solve them all. It takes great collaboration between all staff and departments to provide all the solutions a customer may need.

Customers will always value great service, convenience and ease of use over price. And, customers will always remain loyal to a bank that can seamlessly assist them with all their financial needs.

It’s easier to meet sales goals and grow your bank by doing more to help your existing customers (who have already experienced your service) than it is to find new customers. Besides ….. very happy existing and loyal customers will always introduce new customers to the bank.

So how can you provide more convenient, seamless and comprehensive solutions to your customers that will help you more easily meet sales goals and grow your bank? You proactively build great relationships with your colleagues across the Bank – including people in your own team/branch and in other departments. You develop a “Customer First” attitude and develop collaborative processes for exploring and ALL their needs and offering ALL your solutions.

The most successful bankers are the ones who know how to productively and positively work with others across the bank to look after ALL the customer’s financial needs/problems. No possessiveness. No insecurities. No fears. No blame. No excuses. Just positive collaboration focused on enhancing the customer experience.

So, take proactive steps today to build better relationships with your colleagues across the bank: 

  • Learn more about each other – both personally and professionally. 
  • Understand your motivations and recognize your common goal of doing more for your existing customers to help them and grow the bank. 
  • Coach each other on the value you bring. 
  • Identify the best ways/processes to offer more to your customers and how to positively manage potential issues.

Better staff relationships will always lead to better customer relationships which leads to better goal achievement for all.


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