How can I take my sales goals and accomplishments from this year and develop new goals for next year?

October 4th, 2019

Establishing goals and plans each year should always be a collaborative effort with other colleagues from your Department. This time of year is a great time to meet with your Team Members for say 2 – 3 hours and explore:

  • WHAT you did well this year and WHAT did customers respond well to?
  • HOW will you do more of that next year and HOW can you do it even better?
  • WHY is it important to achieve those goals for the Bank, your customers and yourself?

This WHAT, HOW & WHY approach to sales planning will help you better understand your value proposition, target markets (ie. specific problems you solve better than anyone) and sales activities that you can perform next year. It also gives you insight into what training/coaching you may need to execute those sales activities better.

We strongly recommending you COLLABORATE with your colleagues as some people may achieve their goals and accomplishments differently (or even better) than others and you can all learn from each other. Past performance is a great driver (and predictor) of future performance. If you haven’t achieved your desired goals this year, then a review of your WHAT, HOW and WHY with others will place you in a far better position to achieve them next year. 

Good luck!

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