How do I become a leader within my industry?

October 18th, 2019

Great question! We asked our Sales Coach, Joe Micallef, to provide an answer!

I know that it can sound cliché and somewhat juvenile to chant “You Can Be a Rockstar” in order to motivate someone to excel, but over the past few weeks I have been developing an exciting new training program (see below) and while listening to lots of great background music it occurred to me that today’s rock stars are not unlike highly successful finance professionals and sales people.

Rock stars are generally considered to be highly confident and talented people, who are adored by many, have reached the top of their industry and live lavish lifestyles.

As Bankers, Finance Professionals or Salespeople I am sure we would like to be considered confident and talented, adored by customers and colleagues, regularly achieve top results and earn big rewards.

So of course we aspire to be “Rockstars” …. but have you ever considered what it truly takes to “BE A ROCKSTAR”?

1. You Must Practice

Many people believe that rock stars are born with this amazing talent. But most were normal people, living normal suburban lives, who simply developed their talent through years of practice and coaching.

Bankers, finance professionals and sales people are mostly self-taught when it comes to meeting customers to discuss their needs.

It’s important however that you continue to develop and practice this important skill. Leverage team meetings for training and engage coaches/experts to help you develop this “talent” so you can be admired by more customers and achieve greater success.

2. You Need To Hustle

NO rock star would be successful or famous based on talent alone.

That may be hard to believe, but you would never have heard of Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Ed Sheeran or any other amazing rock star unless they hustled record company producers, bar owners, radio station announcers, promoters and other successful artists to listen to their music and let them play.

In fact, many of the engagement, persuasion and retention activities that we perform as finance professionals and salespeople today are also performed by musicians to get their music listened to and become a success.

However, you will not impact MORE customers unless you are willing to try new things that are outside your comfort zone.

What sales activities do you fear or find uncomfortable? How will you overcome your fear and are you willing to get outside your comfort zone to achieve greater success?

3. Make Your Own Luck

People think that many rock stars became successful because they simply were in the right place at the right time. But how did they get to “the right place”? How did they get that “lucky break”?

They got there by steadfastly and confidently believing in their goal and their mission. They maintained a positive mindset and never wavered from this belief that they would be successful.

It’s important to remember that luck is absolutely subjective and is a reflection of your mindset. You define and make your own luck. And you will “get lucky” when you maintain positive beliefs and confidently take action.

4. There Is No Such Thing As “Overnight Success”

I am certain that every successful “new” artist will adamantly tell you that there is NO such thing as overnight success.

The amount of practice (training) and hustling (sales activities) required to get noticed by a wider audience (more customers) is significant and requires great commitment and perseverance.

It requires a consistent commitment of deliberate and determined action even when faced with objections, setbacks and competing priorities.

So it’s important to define your desired goals and identify what “success” looks like for you.

Then develop a specific action plan that you can execute and review on a regular basis. Understand what may prevent you from executing that activity and take steps to overcome those challenges and remove those impediments (excuses).

So if you have screamed into a toothbrush in front of your mirror to the tune “Bohemian Rhapsody” or danced around your bedroom to the cool beat of “Shape of You” or head-banged in your car to “Satisfaction” …. then clearly you have dreamed of being a “Rockstar”.

I strongly encourage you to now harness those dreams and become the “Rockstar” of your industry.