Are there benefits to having staff review managers during the performance review process? If so, what are they?

November 1st, 2019

The performance review process is one that carries with it often much emotion, anxiety and stress.  We have a few thoughts to share to help shed light on how we can make this a more seamless, valuable process for both the person being reviewed and the person doing the reviewing.

As far as managers go, as reviewers, your job is to focus on development of your employee.  This is not the time to do a review on yourself, however, it is the time to find out how you can best support and help your employee with their, and your, development objectives.

If you’ve done a good job of two-way feedback during the year, this process becomes much easier.  Creating a two-way process of feedback, on a systematic basis (monthly/quarterly) helps keep communication open and continues the conversation about what your employee is doing well, and what they could improve, or even stop doing.  Same goes for the manager – what am I doing well and what could I do better to help/support/manage my employee.  This process should continue through out the year, then there are no surprises during the review process, and that process becomes more about development and goal-setting.  There are huge benefits to feedback for both managers and employees during the year in a more informal fashion to help each party learn how they are doing and what other’s are looking for from them.

During the review process, that’s the time to focus the conversation on:

  • Employee goals for the current year and for the upcoming year
  • Skills and development (what skills do they want to improve, how can they improve, what training/education/coaching do they need to get better).
  • Culture and culture fit (how do they show up on the team at work)
  • Longer term career goals (desires for learning and career goals in the organization; this can create opportunity to learn new skills, cross-functional teams, etc.)
  • How can the manager support them going forward