As an employee, how should I prepare my sales accomplishments from the year to take to my performance management review?

November 22nd, 2019

Many Bankers have annual growth (or sales) targets that they are expected to achieve. These targets are generally established and agreed at the beginning of the year. Accordingly, a major focus of their performance review each year is the achievement of their targets.

The main purpose of a performance review is NOT to simply review the attainment of targets, but to specifically discuss HOW those targets were met (or not met).

Throughout my Bank leadership career I encouraged my front line sales team to develop sales activity PLANs. We would review these PLANs periodically and they provided the basis of the formal performance review. Each PLAN meeting included a formal discussion about the following:

  • PERFORMANCE: List targets and your actual results. Highlight and key wins and losses.
  • LEARNINGS: Discuss key learnings throughout the year in pursuit of your performance targets. Outline the professional development you undertook throughout the year to help you achieve your actual results. Describe what support you received and what support you may have needed to achieve greater results.
  • ACTIVITIES: Outline the specific business development activity you undertook to achieve your actual results. Review what activity was effective and what was not. Discuss what activities you will continue to pursue in the new year and suggest any new activities.
  • NUMBERS: What do you anticipate your performance targets will be next year? What opportunities do you currently have in your pipeline that will contribute to achieving your next year targets?

When preparing your sales accomplishments to take to your performance management review considering presenting them in the P.L.A.N. format so you don’t simply discuss results, but you also review on the specific effort you took to achieve those results and how well positioned you will be for greater success next year.