What should be the agenda for my individual sales coaching sessions with my staff?

February 21st, 2020

I encourage all Sales Leaders to meet with their individual sales staff at least once a month to review their PLAN for achieving both their Bank goals and personal goals.

Your staff are seeking guidance on how to achieve their results and the P.L.A.N. agenda for your monthly meeting provides a great structure for providing this guidance. I have implemented the following coaching agenda throughout my career to great effect:

  1. PERFORMANCE – Review monthly and YTD results to understand progress
  2. LEARNINGS – Discuss how results have been achieved/not achieved and consider training and support needs
  3. ACTIVITIES – Review specific business development activities to determine the effectiveness of efforts and what activities should be considered next month
  4. NUMBERS – Review pipeline to determine the probability of success next month

By consistently providing individual sales coaching sessions you will give your staff the confidence to meet their goals and approach you for assistance.


This question was answered by BankTalentHQ Sales Coach, Joe Micallef.