What are the top 3 things to look for when hiring a new employee with a sales role?

May 15th, 2020

The key to being successful in sales is understanding your WHAT, HOW and WHY. As a sales leader for over 25 years, I would always be interested in exploring a new candidate’s WHAT, HOW & WHY; namely:

1. WHAT is their experience, results and compelling story? (Their Value Proposition) 

Can they tell compelling stories about their career, their results and what value they can bring to our customers.

2. HOW did they achieve their results and how do they refine/enhance their skills? (Their Skills)

Can they describe their sales strengths and weaknesses and are they committed to further development.

3. WHY they have chosen a career in sales and why do they come to work everyday? (Their Motivation)

Can they explain what personally motivates them on a daily basis, what their personal goals are in life, how committed they are to achieving those goals and how they overcome adversity.

A career in sales can be challenging because salespeople are often confronted by rejection. A great salesperson understands:

  • What makes them (and the bank) so compelling to our customers
  • How to avoid rejection, how to overcome challenges and how to continually sharpen their skills
  • Why it is important to persevere and remain resilient even when confronted by rejection.

I was fortunate enough to hire many great salespeople throughout my career who understood their WHAT, HOW and WHY.


Joe Micallef – BankTalentHQ, Sales Coach