You Don’t Need a Pandemic to Grow Your Bank

May 29th, 2020

Congratulations to all the Bankers & Finance Professionals on your extraordinary achievements over the past 12 weeks. An incredible effort saving hundreds of local businesses and thousands of employees from their financial anxieties and stress. And now you’re preparing for another round of intense effort processing the PPP Forgiveness Applications.


The immediate income benefits from this process are certainly appealing, but how are you and your team leveraging this experience to derive long term income and growth benefits?


Imagine if you could constantly receive this volume of client inquiry.
Imagine if every client also wanted to open all their bank accounts with you.
Imagine if every client also wanted to refinance all their loans with you.
Imagine if every client also introduced at least 5 new clients to your bank.


What would that mean for your Bank?
What would that mean for your Staff?
What would that mean for You?


It would mean greater (and constant) organic income growth for your Bank, funds to hire more staff to support the growth, and increased rewards and opportunities for you and your colleagues. You may be feeling that it is unlikely you will experience this level of demand again, but the success you have experienced during the pandemic does not have to stop once you get through the PPP Loan Process.


As the economy and your branches re-open, this is a great opportunity to reflect upon your success over the past 12 weeks and develop strategies to continue that success:
1. Think about the what motivated you to work so hard and how you can stay motivated like that.
2. Think about how happy you made your clients feel and how you can inspire others.
3. Think about who can benefit the most from your revitalized energy and solutions.
4. Think about what you can specifically do everyday to replicate that feeling and that success.
5. Think about what support and training you may need to achieve those same results.


These five strategic thoughts are what inspired me and my team to rebound from the global financial crisis in 2008, grow our long term bank assets by almost 200% over the next 2 years and gain greater rewards and promotion opportunities. In fact, I was given the opportunity to move to Canada and become CEO of our Canadian premium finance company in 2010. And that can be you!


It’s important for you to BELIEVE that you work in an industry where you can truly achieve the quality of life you have dreamed about. The key to making your dreams come true is the growth of your organization and your attitude towards customer engagement. You work in an industry where EVERY consumer and local business demands your valuable solutions. And you don’t need a pandemic to drive that demand.


As the economy and your branches re-open, it is time to proactively rethink the way you engage customers and capitalize on your tremendous efforts and success over the past 12 weeks. Stop waiting for the phone to ring or for customers to walk-in …. and start proactively thinking about those five key areas of success.  Stop doing what you have always done. The pandemic helped you create a new blueprint for success but you don’t need a pandemic to grow your organization.


That unprecedented high level of inquiry is unlikely to happen again, but the demand for your solutions and the potential for greater success will always remain high if you constantly take proactive and effective action.



Joe Micallef – Sales Coach, BankTalentHQ