Diversity is essential! Find talent in all the right places through our newest partnership with America’s Job Exchange!

July 1st, 2020


BankTalentHQ is dedicated to connecting talent in the financial services industry, and we are excited to announce our latest partnership with America’s Job Exchange (AJE) to make connecting even easier for your bank. We are committed to keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the recruiting process. America’s Job Exchange provides niche diversity sites and community-based recruiting to reach the candidates you need to succeed.

AJE’s Diversity Recruitment solution offers intelligent job distribution across a highly-targeted network of diversity and niche industry sites. And since effective diversity recruiting is all about making connections, AJE also provides the tools needed for effective outreach and local community-based recruiting.

In today’s business landscape, it is essential to support a diverse workplace. Employers large and small need to place a focus on diversity within their recruitment activity. But, where do you begin?

Cultivating a diverse candidate pool requires a diversity recruitment strategy. To develop a workforce rich in diversity, human resource managers should begin at the top of the hiring funnel. In constructing your hiring funnel, you should consider the quality and demographic sourcing of your candidates. Are you just posting a job on websites and hoping for the best? Is your current diversity recruitment activity driving results? Growing a diverse workforce will take more than putting jobs on ad-hoc websites.

AJE has created a comprehensive Diversity Recruitment Package solely focused on providing your bank the tools to build a diverse workforce. AJE’s Diversity Recruitment Package was designed purposefully to maximize bank job postings and expand visibility to employment seeking individuals from a large assortment of backgrounds. With AJE you can leverage the job distribution expertise and established industry relationships to meet your staffing goals.

AJE’s Diversity Recruitment Package includes distribution to:

  • One-Stop Career Centers – 2,500 state employment offices working directly with veterans and local job seekers for job placement
  • Community Based Organizations – Over 4,500 public and private nonprofit organizations, many focused on specific diversity hiring
  • JOFDAV & Disabled Persons – Leading websites focused on assisting veterans and other job seekers with disabilities
  • America’s Job Exchange Main & Niche Sites – This includes americasjobexchange.com and their network of sites that cater to veterans and individuals with disabilities

We know diversity and inclusion is important to your bank, and your needs are important to us! BankTalentHQ is dedicated to making your recruitment activity easy and effective, and we believe America’s Job Exchange will take your strategies and successes to the next level. Don’t waste another minute – head to www.banktalenthq.com and use code AJESPECIAL at checkout to receive 20% off the job posting package of your choice. This special promotion will end September 30th, 2020.

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