What is the best way to approach my staff members that have not been meeting their sales goals?

September 25th, 2020

The key to performance management is NOT to primarily focus on RESULTS, but to focus on ACTIVITY.

Asking a staff member why they are not achieving their sales goals could potentially be highly demotivating and destructive. As a leader, it’s understandable that you want your team to reach their highest potential, but let’s rethink how we approach the situation. First, we need to have answers to a few questions:
Do you understand what business development activity they are executing to achieve their sales goals?
Have you and your staff member agreed on a specific business development activity plan?
Are you providing guidance and coaching on this activity?
Are you reviewing this activity regularly to ensure it is helping your team achieve their goals and/or they have the capacity/ability to execute?

Now that we have these answers, what do we do next? It’s essential that you are well prepared before you approach your staff about their sales goals. When you schedule a meeting with your staff, focus your discussions on their activity and how you can assist. If this is the first time you have discussed these goals with them since you assigned them, be sure to continuously have this discussion moving forward. Your best option is to set up monthly 1×1 meetings to review their activities and offer your support. One of the most important things about being a leader is to make sure your employees confidently have the tools they need to succeed, and one of their biggest tools is your direction and leadership!

When the focus shifts from RESULTS to ACTIVITY, you’ll start to realize you will spend less time stressing about their sales goals, and more time being satisfied with the activity your employee is producing.