What are ways to get employees involved in strategic planning for our bank?

October 16th, 2020

The more involved and included employees feel in the planning process the higher the engagement and implementation rates will be.  Additionally, you open your entity up to new, different and often innovative ideas, along with potential challenges you may not have seen. It’s important to stay away from the “it’s always been done like this” mindsets, and involving all levels of employees is a great way to do this.

Here are some ways to begin the inclusion process:

  • SURVEYS help to garner opinions and ideas and can be a fast easy way to seek input.  They can be done easily and are cost efficient through online resources such as survey monkey.
  • FOCUS GROUPS  can be done through middle or senior management, or even other areas such as marketing or Human Resources.  The idea is to identify a line of questioning (SWOT analysis, customer insights, etc.) and brainstorm ideas.  No decisions just a big list of ideas (easy, challenging and even crazy ones).
  • TOWN HALL STYLE DISCUSSIONS also can be used to foster conversation about ideas and strategies, and also things like culture, customer value, etc. These conversations go a long way in building understanding of the organizations objectives.
  • ENGAGE YOUR BOARD AND COMMUNITY also through focus groups, interviews and surveys.  They have an outside perspective and likely bring a different set of lenses.
  • CUSTOMER INPUT This is a great way to build customer interaction and support.  Everyone can participate in asking customer questions to gain an understanding of what’s important from their perspective.

All of these ideas can be implemented on an ongoing basis in your organization, as opposed to one massive undertaking.  That makes strategy part of how you do business and keeps everyone engaged in the plan – all year round!


Donna Flynn
BankTalentHQ Career & Management Coach