Ask the Coach: How can I sell without coming across as “too salesy”?

January 26th, 2018

There are many sales techniques that can be learned but it is more important to first overcome any limiting belief you may have about selling. For many bankers, selling is something they are very uncomfortable doing, as they fear the bank customer may be bothered or deterred by their sales efforts leading to a poor customer experience.

It is important to consider sales as not something you do to a customer, but something you do for a customer. Every customer has a need that your bank can help them with and every customer loves having their needs met.

All you are trying to do is help them obtain a better solution for that need. Understand how your solutions have helped other customers and simply find a reason to tell those stories to your customers.

Sharing success stories is a simple selling technique that helps a customer recognize you have other solutions that they may need. Everyone likes to hear positive stories so the client reaction will always be positive even if they may not actually have an immediate need for the product or service you are discussing.

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