Ask the Coach: How do I maintain a positive attitude about selling?

May 25th, 2018

Many bankers struggle with being positive and confident about selling bank products and services. They fear rejection or simply don’t want to come across as a pushy salesperson. This does not need to be the case though. Here are two simple tips to help you maintain a positive attitude about selling:

  1. Specific Outcome Focus

Start the day with a very clear and specific outcome focus for every customer interaction and you will confidently SHINE in all your meetings. Make your desired outcomes specific and small so you can habitually develop a sense of regular achievement that inspires positive beliefs.

And if you don’t achieve that outcome … that’s ok. Simply reflect on what you learned and can make the next meeting more successful. Discover the joy of learning and stop wallowing in disappointment.

  1. Create a Positive HABIT

POSITIVE BELIEFS drive positive outcomes.

Get into the HABIT of Being Positive.

Five tips to help you get into the H.A.B.I.T. of Being Positive:

  1. Have specific daily outcomes in mind
  2. Always review setbacks with a positive lens
  3. Be habitually optimistic
  4. Inspire yourself by reflecting on your deeper personal goals
  5. Team up with with positive people

Be positive about creating a positive mindset and you will drive positive outcomes EVERY DAY.

What one new positive habit will you start next week?

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