Accountability is Your Best Friend! – Joe Micallef

February 7th, 2020

As a Bank Leader for over 20 years, I strongly believe that highly skilled and consistent sales ACTIVITY is the essential ingredient to growing your Bank or Organization.

Accordingly I worked closely with my Teams to regularly:

  1. AGREE on Monthly Sales Activity
  2. COACH Monthly Sales Activity
  3. REVIEW Monthly Activity

Of the three elements above, REVIEWING monthly activity seemed to be the hardest process to implement …. yet it is the most important if you want to achieve greater success.

It seems most Bankers and Salespeople are afraid of ACCOUNTABILITY.

But why are you afraid of being held accountable for the activity that you agreed to perform to help your Organization grow and help you achieve greater rewards?

Because nobody wants to be told they are not doing a “good job” or expose themselves to potential loss. Also nobody wants to feel mistrusted.

But please consider changing these limiting beliefs about regular performance reviews and learn to embrace accountability like a BEST FRIEND.

Here are FOUR reasons why accountability is your BEST FRIEND:

  1. Accountability inspires you to achieve greater success

When people win awards or achieve great success they always thank their family and friends for their support. They know they could not have achieved success without help and guidance from their friends.

Consider accountability as the friend you need to achieve success. If you genuinely want to earn greater rewards and grow your organization then you should consider accountability as an essential tool that inspires you to stretch yourself and maintain high standards at all times.

Without some form of reporting or performance measure, how will you know if you have succeeded?

I guarantee that once you succeed, you will be thanking “accountability” for supporting you and inspiring you to get there.

  1. Accountability will get you through the tough times

Best friends help you through the tough times. They coach you, guide you and share words of wisdom to lift you up and overcome adversity. When you’re feeling down or unsuccessful, you want your best friend there to help you and make you feel better.

Accountability is not meant to make you feel like you didn’t do a good job. If your customer base is not growing then you already know something is not working.

Accountability helps you figure out what you can do better so you can rebuild your confidence and overcome challenges.

Accountability is a great coaching tool that drives training and best practice discussions to help you though tough times and achieve greater success.

  1. Accountability will always be there for you

Accountability should NOT be considered an acquaintance. It is not the friend you see once or twice a year.

Accountability is your BEST friend and you couldn’t imagine going a week or a month without seeing it.

BEST friends commit to regularly seeing other and make that meeting a priority. We always look forward to the meeting because we know we will gain great benefit from it.

Formally committing to a periodic review of your performance with your Leaders (or your colleagues or a mentor) will provide the continuous inspiration and coaching you need to consistently achieve your goals.

  1. Accountability should be trusted and never feared

There are some people we are never too excited to see …. your doctor, your dentist, your accountant, your lawyer, your mechanic etc

We fear these people because we are afraid about the “pain” they may inflict (physically and financially) or the bad news they may deliver.

However, each of these people are truly committed to making our lives better and we ultimately learn to love them once we better understand their motivations and build a trusting relationship.

Accountability may inflict some pain from time to time and give us news we don’t want to hear, but it’s primary motive is to make our life better so we should learn to trust and love accountability.

This is equally important for Bank/Sales Leaders who fear that accountability may frighten their staff and lead to departures.

As a Leader, if you build trust with your Team and demonstrate that you will consistently use accountability to ….

  • inspire them;
  • regularly meet with them; and
  • coach them

…. then your Team will become more comfortable with regular performance reviews and learn to embrace them to improve their results.


Like your BEST FRIEND, accountability will consistently be supportive, keep you focused and guide you to greater success.

So schedule that regular cup of coffee with your best friend to celebrate good times, overcome bad times and gain that boost of confidence you need to take better action so you can report more good times next time you meet.


Joe Micallef, BankTalentHQ Sales Coach