How can I make monthly full-staff sales coaching sessions successful and meaningful?

February 28th, 2020

Great question! It is critical that you provide formal sales coaching for all your customer-facing staff on a regular basis if you want your Bank to be more successful engaging customers and providing more of your valuable bank solutions. Think about it, can you expect your staff to be successful if you aren’t giving them the tools to succeed? Regular (consistent) coaching will continue to enhance your team’s skills, behaviors and confidence.

So, what does a good formal sales coaching session look like?

To make your coaching session successful and meaningful there are three important components you should consider:

  1. Skill Training Content
  2. Best Practices Discussion
  3. Field Exercises to practice the skills learned

By regularly meeting with your staff and reviewing their performance, you will discover what skills require further development – eg. cold calling, question and listening, offering proposals, networking, handling objections, or follow up. Focus on 1 or 2 skills each month. Take the time to research any of these skills by leveraging great resources at BankTalentHQ (or searching online). Share the skills training content at each session.

At each session, make sure you ask questions to engage your team in discussions about this particular skill. Encourage discussion (or role playing) so you can leverage the experiences of all your staff and agree on best practices for your markets. There will inevitably be someone in the room who doesn’t think the particular lesson that month applies to them, but don’t let them be quiet! Pull discussion from every member of your team. Provide worksheets, templates or tools for your staff to complete during the session and have them share their output.

Finally, to ensure the training is successful and meaningful, it is critical that your staff continue to PRACTICE the skills learned. Assign a simple field exercise (activity) that they can perform over the next month.

The exercise should leverage the content and discussion (tools). For example – make at least one cold call each week using the cold call script you developed OR ask at least 8 exploration questions from your new question list before offering a solution OR use the better introduction statement you developed OR utilize the objection response strategies you shared to overcome common objections.

Well planned and structured team coaching sessions will not only produce more meaningful staff engagement but will also result in more enduring benefits that create long term success.

For more assistance please feel free to contact sales and service coach Joe Micallef for a copy of his Team Coaching Planner.