7 Tips for Engaging Students and Attracting Young Talent

May 10th, 2023

The banking industry is the backbone of the American economy, with a bright future and numerous opportunities for young talent looking to build a rewarding career. Yet, the industry is continuously fighting an uphill battle of attracting and engaging the next generation entering the workforce.

Outdated perceptions of the industry and a lack of understanding about the opportunities it offers are hindering its growth. But, as you know, banking is an attractive career choice with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, a wide range of job roles, and opportunities for advancement and professional development.

So, what can organizations do to attract the best talent and reconsider their hiring strategy? Consider these 7 tips for engaging students and upping your talent outreach game:

  1. Start early and reach out often to local colleges and universities. Engage in career fairs or set up events for students to learn more about your bank and its opportunities.
  2. Embrace social media to engage with younger audiences.
  3. Think outside the box with your employee benefits. Consider pet insurance, remote work opportunities, and nonprofit involvement.
  4. Offer scholarships to help foster interest in the industry.
  5. Consider implementing in-house internship or mentorship programs, or utilize flexible programs like Parker Dewey’s Micro-Internship Program.
  6. Foster professional growth within your organization to show younger employees their potential.
  7. Utilize your State Banking Association’s resources and partners to help ensure the future of banking is bright. For employment needs, BankTalentHQ.com is just the platform needed to showcase incredible career opportunities available in the industry. As a niche job board dedicated solely to the financial services, BankTalentHQ.com is curated to meet the needs of the industry and help banks stay competitive in today’s job market.  BankTalentHQ.com partners with the 40 state banking associations across the country to help banks grow their workforce and support the industry. Visit BankTalentHQ.com to learn more.

By being proactive, strategic, and intentional about outreach efforts, banks can overcome outdated perceptions and attract the next generation of talented bankers. Visit BankTalentHQ.com to post a job or explore our candidates today.